Hahn Air will become first airline company to issue tickets on a blockchain

Blockchain company Winding Tree started cooperation with airline Hahn Air. Winding Tree is an independent crypto platform for the travel industry. Thus, Hahn Air will become first airline company to issue tickets on a blockchain. The first passengers to use blockchain-booked tickets were head of sales engineering at Hahn Air, the founder of Winding Tree, and CIO of Winding Tree.

Blockchain technology has many advantages for the different parties involved in the process of booking an airline ticket:

  • Firstly, it is an open code, meaning that not only the airline, but also all participants can track the purchase, as well as check whether the payment has passed.
  • Secondly, all market participants can directly interact with each other to make transactions without intermediaries, for example, bank payments and alternative payment methods (e-wallets), thereby reducing costs.
  • Finally, blockchain technology implies a shared database where anyone with access can verify the authenticity and uniqueness of this ticket. Therefore, the ticket cannot be changed or tampered which guarantees security.

Consequently, with Winding Tree platform, Hahn Air will be able to book tickets in a more reliable form, which also allows access to payment in cryptocurrency. Among the available cryptocurrency payment methods is Ethereum, which you can purchase on our platform for convenient payment of airline tickets. Moreover, in recent years, the technology of blockchain and payment in cryptocurrency in the field of air travel are rapidly developing. Thus, the British travel company Alternative Airlines, has partnership with the cryptocurrency service Utrust, to facilitate payment with cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ether and others.

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