Ledger has announced new crime insurance program for cryptocurrencies

Provider of secure cryptocurrency storage company Ledger has announced new crime insurance program for cryptocurrencies for up to $150 million. The partners of the program are broker and risk advisory firm Marsh and insurance company Arch Insurance Limited.

Main feature and advantage of Ledger wallets is that they are completely hardware, in other words, cryptocurrency is stored on a small flash drive that is protected from scammers, phishing websites, malware and another hacking tool. Moreover, if any malicious software gets onto your device, your personal data will remain safe, as data is stored only on the hardware wallet device and not transferred to the computer. What is comprehensive solution that gives the ability to store and transfer cryptocurrency funds without compromising security.

In the same time, our platform is also convenient solution for buying and storing cryptocurrencies, due to to 2-factor authorisation, which provides more reliable protection not only of personal data, but also for customers funds.

Thus, based on the foregoing, storing assets in cryptocurrency is a safe solution, in addition to the complexity of hacking, companies try to protect their customers by resorting to insurance policies, to make sure that in case of possible accidents or thefts, they cover losses.

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