Japanese company SoftBank has released a new bank card

Japanese company SoftBank has released a new bank card, which includes an integrated blockchain wallet in addition to the traditional functions of a debit card. The recently released product, called SBC Wallet Cards, allows to store cryptocurrency as a hot or cold wallet, which allows customers to access their balances in real time. Hot wallet is type of wallet that is connected to the Internet and has constant online connection. The cold wallet, in turn, does not have an Internet connection, and it does not need an online connection.

According to developers, the new card has a shorter block confirmation time, which allows users to pay in a timely manner. Also, users have the feature to switch between fiat and crypto currencies, by pressing button in the SBC Wallet Cards application. Today, the card is available only in Japan, but Softbank have plans to introduce their product in other countries, such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Asia.

*Fiat currency is a national currency that is used daily throughout the world. As an example, Euro, Rubles, US dollars, etc.

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