Telegram Open Network Blockchain Platform

The blocking platform Telegram Open Network will be launched in the next three weeks.

Fraudsters are already selling non-existent altcoins. Advertising on the sale of Durov tokens began to appear on social networks, and various sites offered guaranteed returns.

In early October, the developers informed investors that the project will be completed on time, by the end of the month, and by October 16 they need to create a special electronic wallet to receive coins. The rules of the Gram wallet are already published on the official Telegram website. In particular, the rules state that minors, as well as residents of countries under sanctions, will not be able to use the service. In addition, TON may, at its discretion and for any reason, block a user account.

Among the few real companies that announced that they will trade token, turned out to be the British cryptocurrency exchange DSX. Its representatives claim that the site will allow customers to purchase Gram from the first investors of the ICO project. Altcoin should appear on the DSX platform immediately after the release of the platform.

Some time after the launch, Gram will be presented on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Previously, there was information that initially the token trade starts in Asian countries. So now it’s better not to try to get around the system. It’s not possible to buy Gram tokens at a discount price. All sites that currently offer such services are fraudulent.

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